TTC Launches Cross-chain Solution ”Carnot” Together with Binance Chain

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2019 / As of today, TTC has announced it is currently developing a cross-chain solution named as “Carnot” which will empower its blockchain platforms to achieve interoperability with Binance Chain. Through this, the liquidity of TTC coin and TST-20( TTC Standard Token) tokens will increase significantly.

Carnot is designed to be both operable independently by a single project or an alliance and integratable to Binance chain as a module. Any blockchain platforms that support smart contract can achieve interoperability with the Binance chain by customizing Carnot to meet its needs.

“We believe that Carnot will empower more blockchain platforms to join the Binance DEX and encourage more global developer community members to join in to improve the functionality and stability of this open source solution.”

As the current third largest crypto exchange by adjusted daily trading volume, Binance has launched its mainnet Binance Chain and its coin BNB(BEP-2) coin, meanwhile, TTC has just successfully finished its mainnet Rigi launch back in March.

This cross-chain solution Carnot allows TTC on-chain assets to transact with their BEP-2 tokens by interlinking the TTC blockchain and Binance Chain. TTC will be able to issue BEP-2 tokens pegged to TTC and all TST-20 tokens and expand the liquidity scale through its listing on Binance Dex.

The solution intends to build a side chain based on the Cosmos SDK(applied by Binance Chain) which will interlink TTC blockchain and Binance Chain. They aim to enable the TTC platform to interact with Binance Chain through the RPC interface and smart contract address.

Meanwhile, the smart contract created on the TTC platform will record all the cross-chain transactions and their state on the TCD. The cross-chain transactions will only be successfully processed if both the Binance Chain and TTC blockchain satisfactorily finalise.

TTC has been working expeditiously to solve issues of liquidity with listings on multiple major exchanges throughout the year, with great success in the launches on Upbit, Bibox, Bittrex and many others. By working closely with Binance chain, TTC has engineered another creative solution to improving liquidity.

According to TTC’s official announcement, BTTC, a Binance Chain based BEP-2 token, which is pegged to TTC on the TTC platform will be issued soon, and by using the above solution, the swap between upcoming BTTC and TTC will be fully supported and thus the liquidity of TTC will be further expanded.




SOURCE: TTC Protocol

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