US magazine Insights Success designates Secucloud as one of the “20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch”

German security specialist is increasing its research activity on artificial intelligence

Hamburg, Germany. 21 May 2019 – Hackers are often early adopters of new technology – mainly because it helps them develop new criminal business models. And security providers can only counter these efforts if they are just as committed to innovation in their ongoing research activities. Against this backdrop, the US-based magazine Insights Success has published its list of the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in its April issue. They are promising international firms that use innovative methods and approaches to open up “new horizons” to their customers and users. And Secucloud is one of them. With its solutions, the German security specialist enables businesses and telcos to centralize and automate the protection of their systems from the cloud, safeguarding them from today’s increasing cyber-threats. Secucloud achieves this by being an early adopter of the key technologies of the future – especially AI.

One of the focus areas for the company’s research is developing ways of using AI in the form of neural networks to categorize internet traffic. By using weighted connections between the individual nodes, the neural network can develop an ability to “remember” and “know” certain things. On this basis, AI would ideally be capable of monitoring the constantly changing harmful data streams on the web and really understanding the difference between good and bad traffic, rather than having to constantly compare data flows with known attack patterns.

Promoting a creative corporate culture
“Companies wanting to strengthen their innovative potential need to start with their corporate culture,” says Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “A working atmosphere that actively encourages and rewards its employees’ creativity is one of the key cornerstones to the successful development of new solution approaches for today’s digital challenges. And that’s why we invest a lot in the satisfaction of our staff. Over the years, we’ve created a productive and modern working atmosphere in which each person’s creativity is valued and where they can flourish and develop their career based on their personal goals. This is reflected in the satisfaction levels of our staff in their everyday work – at the end of last year we were listed as one of the top 15 employers for 2019 in the German magazine FOCUS-BUSINESS.”

Further information:
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About Secucloud
The international security specialist Secucloud provides companies with cloud-based, industry-standard security systems. The modular Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is installed directly into the carrier’s network infrastructure, enabling it to protect its B2B2x customers from all threats in today’s cyberspace in a centralized way and with no need to install any software on devices. The Secucloud solution scales elastically to enable carriers to protect their customers, even if they have more than 100 million users, with no impact on performance. With its Secuscaler managed security service solution, Secucloud provides a B2B security service for company networks with between 100 and 10,000 users. This includes Firewall-as-a-Service (FwaaS), Software-Defined WANs (SD-WAN) and a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution. With its international partnerships with multiple well-known providers, Secucloud already reaches just under 1 billion users around the world. To analyze the data streams, Secucloud combines multiple powerful security technologies, including next-generation AI-based firewalls, packet analyzers, deep packet inspection, IDS and IPS systems, global cloud intelligence, DNS layer analyzers, SSL scan decision, trust & reputation analyzers, APT sandbox analyzers and content analyzers.

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Source: RealWire

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