Tap Into the Power of New York City. “Citiscape It!” New Version 1.0.7 of the Citiscape App Released

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 25, 2019 / In the last 6 months, the Department of Buildings (“DOB”) conducted 61,288 construction inspections and issued 29,011 Environmental Control Board violations (9.7 percent more than a year ago). The Citiscape app is the only application of its kind that is specifically designed to help navigate the realm of construction inspections in order to avoid these violations, fines, and delays. The Cityscape app’s project management tool extracts all NYC’s Department of Building (DOB) and Environmental Control Board (ECB) data and provides it to its users in real time. It is the only tool in the market with such capabilities.

Today, after months of additional enhancements and improvements to the app’s beta version, the Citiscape team is proud to announce the formal release of the Citiscape app in its enhanced 1.07 version. The new 1.07 version embodies the hard work of the development team and is a vast improvement over the beta version. The app’s interface is now more user-friendly, encompasses advance notification functionality, boosts “Job’s Milestones”, and provides even greater loading speed to ensure that off-site users can streamline construction operations from any location. Built for transparency and simplicity, in the upcoming months the Citiscape app will also begin its integration into New York City’s “Build it NOW” portal, further expanding customers’ ability to review all of the buildings department’s data. Additional updates and releases will follow soon.

About the Citiscape App

Conceived and designed by a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, the app is unique and groundbreaking in its ability to prevent problems, fines, and penalties from DOB and construction team management through a simple tap of a button. While the app offers countless advantages, its most ground breaking features include the Citi-Link Notifications for complaints, violations, plan examination, and other required items; a built-in calendar which seamlessly integrates with ECB/DOB violation court dates and contractor permit expiration dates; and an integrated team instant messenger sorted by individual project and containing an organized to-do-list with integrated department of buildings notifications. In short, it is the only application that can take advantage of the NY City Open Data Laws, keep its users informed in real time, and eliminate the risk of missing crucial deadlines and notice responses.

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