Blockcloud: Value of next generation Internet tech & Global layout.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2019 / While blockchain tech is booming around the world, Blockcloud has become an active promoter of this industry. Blockcloud, as an international project built by top-class tech team, with the mission of propagating the value of next generation Internet, is developing its global layout swiftly.

Since 2018, Blockcloud has held over 20 meet ups in tens of countries. These meet ups not only provided a platform for Blockcloud team and the followers communicating the future of Internet, but also facilitated the cooperation with government, media and key opinion leaders from all over the world. It was spoken of highly by the investment institutions, experts and enthusiasts.

On June 16, Blockcloud closed a successful 2-day visit to Vietnam, which attracted more than 1000 local blockchain enthusiasts to communicate with Blockcloud team. Their enthusiasm proved that Blockcloud is one of the most popular projects at Vietnams blockchain week. During the OKEx Cooperation Summit in Vietnam, a community live streaming event reached over 100,000 members. Because of global activity, Blockcloud got more and more identification and connection from the global followers.

Among the members of Blockcloud team, over 50% have doctor degrees awarded by the most top-notched university all over the world for instance Princeton. The members and the top scientists consultants formed Blockcloud – a team born with global is one of the reasons for Blockcloud team grows so fast. With their academic spirit and R & D capabilities, Blockcloud could reach the crown of next generation Internet tech, further achieve the global TCP/IP tech transition.

Now Blockcloud has been favored by capital. Blockcloud became the first OK Jumpstart project this April and was successfully listed on OKex. Afterwards, Blockcloud was listed on Kucoin, Bittrex International and other famous international exchange houses.

Blockcloud has become more and more global and earned over 300000 followers all over the world. Hundreds of key opinion leaders for example Nathan Leung are willing to become promoting ambassador, to reach discover the value of next generation Internet tech together.

Company name: Blockcloud
Person: Dorian Howe
Add: United States
Tel: +86-18566224264

SOURCE: Blockcloud

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