FXCPD launched Its FX Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2019 / FXCPD Management recently launched its FX Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund (FERS) globally. Its aim is to deliver a return of more than 5 per cent per annum over short to medium term.

FXCPD strategy fund utilizes a variety of strategies available within structured investments. As opposed to buying individual structured products, FXCPD Strategy Fund specializes in FX option products which offer daily returns of 0.5%. By reinvesting these returns in spot FX algorithmic trading, the fund will be further enhanced. By combining the 2 investment strategies, the fund potentially increases investor returns to more than 15%.

Managing director of FXCPD, Mr. Mike Lam said in a recent interview, “With this innovative approach, it is now possible for advisers to provide their clients with access to higher returns made available from applying these 2 investment strategies within one fund whilst retaining the flexibility to withdraw profits at any particular stage.” He also stressed about the importance of achieving the capability to safe-guard investment principal as this remains the single most critical factor to FXCPD success.

Mr. Gerald Robinson, the founder of FXCPD, added, “FXCPD FX Enhanced Returns Structured Strategy Fund is a combination of defensive and offensive approaches towards FX options and FX trading, utilizing sophisticated hedging strategies with many formulas integrated.“

Some financial advisers advise putting all your money in FXCPD though they have yet witness such approach in years working in this field. Their approach has always been to invest little but often in structured products.

In the interview, Mr. Gerald Robinson also revealed that he will be actively managing this portfolio, “Based on tried and tested strategies, we think this has the power to transform the way advisers and clients think and invest in structured products. We are confident in delivering what we promise!”

The fund went live on July 29.

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