VEDFUN Unveiled His All-Star Lineup in the Philippines, and Godfather-Level Products Have Once Again Begun Their International Journey

MANILA, PHILLAPINES / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2019 / At 20 o’clock local time on September 15 in the Philippines, the 2019VEDFUN electronic cigarette global tour press conference opened in Manila’s top electronic sound nightclub covemaila Manila carver. As the first e-cigarette brand in the country to hold a press conference in the Philippines, VEDFUN officially opened the prelude to entering southeast Asia. From Europe to Asia, from home to the Philippines, VEDFUN has triggered brand influence across the world, has attracted mainstream media at home and abroad, and has attracted the attention of global e-cigarette lovers.

All-star guest lineup made happiness go on.

VAPE AND FUN is VEDFUN’s brand slogan, aiming to create a more fashionable, happier and healthier lifestyle for electronic cigarette lovers around the world. At the scene of the evening party, COVE MANILA’s electric nightclub was accompanied by high-quality music, and the lights were even more dazzling. An all-star guest lineup composed of the Philippines’ top 10 internet celebrities and top-level traffic masters all appeared. Music and dance performances were performed one after another to bring the atmosphere to its peak. Everyone was immersed in the graceful atmosphere created by the fusion of smoke and fashion and enjoyed the pleasure. In the lottery, the audience was also excited to participate, taking pictures with internet celebrities stars and interacting with them, which drew applause.

VEDFUNA’s press conference has become a top-level grand passion party. It not only releases products, but also delivers happiness to everyone on the scene, creating a party experience that everyone will never forget.

Godfather’s Core Technology Achieves New Hot Products in Industry

This press conference not only has a strong lineup of performers, but also does not lack masters in the industry. Lazada COO, president of the tobacco and oil association, attended the grand gathering and delivered a speech. Moreover, some powerful brands such as Lazada, Star mobile and playboy reached a cooperation with VEDFUN on the spot, and VEDFUN CEO Zhuang Xiaofeng personally presented the “strategic partner” gold medal. At the same time, nearly 50 agents on the scene reached agency cooperation with VEDFUN almost immediately during the signing of the agency contract at the party. Among them, 10 “gold medal agents” came to power to receive the gold medals.

The smooth cooperation between the brand and the agency directly demonstrates VEDFUN’s strong strength. This is all thanks to the support of godfather core technology and the brand strategy of overturning the industry. VEDFUN has become the new favorite of the electronic cigarette industry and has become the most popular brand of electronic cigarette in some cases.

At the end of the evening, VEDFUN CEO Zhuang Xiaofeng announced on the spot that VEDFUN will not stop its global journey after taking over the first stop in London and the second stop in Manila. The third and fourth stops of the global tour conference have also been confirmed and will be held in Shenzhen, China and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is worth waiting for!

If netizens are interested in VEDFUN electronic cigarette products, especially the two new products VX and FEEL released in London, they can find out the details on the official website of VEDFUN, or VEDFUN Wechat official account.

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