Award-Winning Champagne De Watère set to Redefine Luxury in the US

The Authentic, Unadulterated Taste of De Watère Champagne is Coming to the USA

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 30, 2019 / Champagne De Watère, an award-winning luxury champagne brand exclusive to Europe, has announced that it is launching in the US. Created with authentic traditional methods for an original flavor, De Watère offers a new level of luxury for those who truly understand and appreciate quality.

De Watère is produced at the Premier Cru vineyard in the Vallée de la Marne, within the Champagne region of France, using time-honoured viticulture methods. Handpicking the finest grapes guarantees quality and purity, while the use of horses over tractors not only protects the environment but symbolizes the company’s commitment to tradition. De Watère is allowed a full 85 months to develop its full unique flavor, six times longer than today’s usual methods. “This champagne tastes like champagne might have tasted long ago, before the industrial market,” says founder Martin A. Konorza.

De Watère Champagne offers a Brut Rosé, a Brut Blanc, and its lavish Diamond Edition bottle – truly the pinnacle of luxury. The diamond edition features a pristine 1-carat diamond set in a 1-ounce pure gold medal. The bottle can be tailored with various other precious metals and gemstones to fit customer’s desires and make life’s special occasions all the more memorable. This boutique champagne brand has won two Great Gold medals from the International Wine Guide Awards, making it the only non-vintage champagne to ever win this prestigious medal.

Until now, De Watère Champagne has been exclusive to Europe, but the company has announced that it will soon be available in the US. Enjoying more than 3 billion litres of wine per year, the US has been the biggest wine consuming market in the world since 2013. The growing interest in refined gastronomy within the US has supported the wine business, and as that market matures it deserves to discover the real taste of luxury. “The USA is now a very sophisticated market, home to lovers of quality and really the base for appreciators of a relaxed approach to luxury, which is what De Watère stands for,” explains Konorza.

Konorza founded Champagne De Watère in 2011 to honor his French ancestry and his obsession for the finest things in life. “I found that there was no champagne that truly proved why it is the king of wines in terms of taste. Founding the brand Champagne De Watère was the best decision of my life. It has allowed me to make a profession out of my passion for luxurious living and exclusive products.”

However, Champagne De Watère’s exquisite taste is not just a product of Konorza’s fascination with luxury, but the joy of interacting with people and offering them champagnes that surpasses their highest expectations. “Wine in general and champagne, in particular, are first and foremost a human business because it is a product that gives pleasure and facilitates openness to others. One of my priorities was therefore above all to create a real unifying spirit within De Watère and to make people proud to work for the brand,” explains Konorza.

Every day, winegrowers are committed to making wines that resemble them. Their precise actions reflect their know-how and give rise to quality creations, as confidential as they are appreciated in a champagne terroir with many nuances. De Watère harnesses that spirit with the finest ingredients, grown in the perfect conditions, using traditional methods proven to create the most refined and genuine champagnes – a process of honesty to greatness.

“The thing that fascinates me most about the industry are the contrasts. Life in the Champagne region is the direct opposite of the glamorous world of champagne we have come to know. The people are very warm and prefer a simple life. Nobody there gets excited about the luxury of the product.” said Konorza. “De Watère presents the authentic, unadulterated taste of champagne that invites you to embrace an unvarnished life and the humble pleasures of the soil. Just your glass and you.”


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