Biogal-Galed Labs Launches RoboComb, an Automated Reading Device for Biogal’s VacciCheck and ImmunoComb Kits

KIBBUTZ GALED, Israel, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Biogal Galed Labs, a global leader of veterinary diagnostic solutions, has announced the commercialization of the new RoboComb, an automated development robot for Biogal’s VacciCheck and ImmunoComb kits.

This will make the development of VacciCheck / ImmunoComb simple, faster, automated and more accurate, says Amos Gershony, Biogal’s CEO.

This user friendly, add on technology, will greatly assist veterinarians in the vet clinic / vet lab setting.

RoboComb now offers the following benefits:

–  Automated development of ImmunoComb/VacciCheck, saves time and effort.

–  “Walk away” operation of ImmunoComb /VacciCheck results.

–  Now equivalent to a lab ELISA robot.

–  Less chance of development errors, when compared to manual development.

–  Can individually or batch test up to 12 teeth.

When adding RoboComb to Biogal’s recently released CombCam, both the development and interpretation of VacciCheck or ImmunoComb, is now a fully automated process.

The RoboComb is available for all of Biogal’s VacciCheck/ImmunoComb kits.

CLICK HERE for the official ‘RoboComb How to Use’ Video.

About Biogal-Galed Labs:

Biogal was established in 1986.  Biogal’s various veterinary diagnostic products are available in over 35 countries.

Biogal developed the patented ImmunoComb, VacciCheck and PCRun technologies for the detection of pet infectious diseases.

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For more information, contact:
Lenny Small
VP Marketing
Biogal, Galed Labs Acs Ltd.
Kibbutz Galed, 1924000, Israel
Phone: +972 (0)4-989-8605

Biogal’s RoboComb is a user friendly, add-on technology that automatically develops Biogal's VacciCheck and ImmunoComb. RoboComb makes this development simple, faster, automated and more accurate. (PRNewsfoto/Biogal Galed Labs)

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