Brandon Groce Announces the Launch of a New Online Course that Teaches Others How to Build Their Brand Online

During the Course, Creatives and Anyone Else Who Wishes to Grow their Brand will Learn How to Gain the Attention their Craft Deserves

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2019 / Brandon Groce, a Designer and Digital Strategist, is pleased to announce the launch of his new online course that will teach creatives and others how to build or grow their brand online.

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As Groce noted, the world of design is not as accessible as many people might imagine. This industry, which has grown over the decades and is responsible for the branding of any company or famous individual, can at times be too exclusive.

Through his work as a Designer and Digital Strategist, Groce wants to fix this issue by providing design education to those who want it. As someone who struggled with finding an appropriate and inspiring learning environment growing up, he can relate with those who feel scared or incapacitated to learn about design.

“When I was younger, I never raised my hand in school because I was too afraid of being wrong. One day I raised my hand because I knew the answer to the question, but everyone had become accustomed to me being wrong, including the teacher. All the students laughed at me and I felt stupid, small and insignificant. Because of that day I strive with all my heart and energy to help individuals who feel the same way I did that day in the classroom,” Groce said.

The feeling of shame and embarrassment he felt when he was just a kid who was trying to learn, is in part what inspires Groce to make design education more accessible. Groce recently launched his new course because he wants others to know that regardless of their situation or setbacks, they can achieve progress in their lives and careers.

“I was told I had learning disabilities. I was told by teachers and colleagues that I would never be able to make anything for myself, and I’ve proved them wrong. I am a college dropout turned designer and digital strategist for Fortune 500s, as well as a design educator. I’ve worked with some of the largest and coolest brands in the world today,” Groce said.

As a designer, Brandon has worked with Adobe, Disney, Hilton, LG, Salesforce, CES and Dannon, among others. Through his work, he helped them build their brand and improve their sales online. In addition, Groce hosts the podcast Design Huddle, where he and his co-host Ryan Warrender, discuss news and important stories related to the world of design.

Groces’s next projects include building courses on Adobe XD and animation, since designers constantly ask him how to design and animate the way they see him do on his Instagram feed. In addition, Groce wants to continue collaborating with Adobe on other educational and tutorial content for the creative community.

About Brandon Groce:

Brandon Groce is a Designer and Digital Strategist for Fortune 500 companies. He uses design and social media to create sales funnels and gain massive attention for brands such as Adobe, Disney, Dannon, Hilton, and LG. Over the past year, he’s focused on helping other creative entrepreneurs grow their personal brands and gain attention. For more information, please visit

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