Eran Eyal Scholarship Helps Immigrant Students Pursue Post-Secondary Education in America

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2019 / Eran Eyal, Founder and CEO of Shopin, is excited to announce three post-secondary scholarships valued at $3,600.00 (USD) each. To be eligible, individuals must be immigrant students currently pursuing or in the process of pursuing a post-secondary education in the United States.

The application process requires candidates to submit a 500-word essay detailing the hardship of immigrating to the United States to pursue a post-secondary education, including how they aim to use the scholarship to achieve academic and financial success.

Applicants will also be required to provide copies of their foreign passport, identification and/or a United States Visa, as well as documentation supporting their legal status in the United States, a Green Card (if available) or appropriate visa, and a letter of acceptance from their chosen post-secondary institution.

The scholarship opens on October 23, 2019, with deadlines for applications being December 10, 2019.

As an immigrant in the United States himself, Eran Eyal knows firsthand the difficulties faced by students in immigrating to the United States to obtain an education. “In my teens and twenties, I always dreamt of coming to the United States to study, but it was economically and practically unattainable for me,” shares Eyal.

Eyal intimates, “When I eventually made my way over to the US in 2014, it was very challenging. The United States is brimming with enormous promise and opportunity, especially for tech entrepreneurs such as myself, The barriers are however, significant. Costs are high, rentals are astronomical and require immigrants to have 6-12 months rent upfront or guarantors. Loans are difficult to access.”

“I want to help pave the way for tomorrow’s promising entrepreneurs and thought leaders and believe that immigrants are part of the backbone of the future of this amazing country. Somewhere in the coming generational wave is the next Satya Nadella, Elon Musk, Johnny Ives, Charlize Theron, or Trevor Noah. I firmly believe that access to quality education is one of the absolutely essential tools for the next generation of talent, that will form the backbone of America’s economy, society and innovation.”

The Eran Eyal Scholarships aim to reduce these challenges by alleviating some of the financial burden faced by immigrant students. Through the establishment of the Eran Eyal Scholarships, Eran Eyal aims to support innovation from immigrant students obtaining an education in the United States.

To learn more about the Eran Eyal Scholarships and to apply or get involved, please visit:

About Eran Eyal

Eran Eyal is an investor, advisor, and award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the crowdsourcing, e-commerce and retail markets. Eran Eyal is the Founder and CEO of Shopin, which is dedicated to revolutionizing the retail through artificial intelligence, self-sovereignty and the decentralization and democratization of purchase data. He is a renowned entrepreneur known for various achievements, including receiving the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation.

About Shopin

Shopin is dedicated to providing the essential tools for the next generation of retail: a global view of purchase data (including Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Coach and more), artificial intelligence, a universal shopper profile (self sovereignty) and decentralization tools.

Shopin works with retail brands to aggregate the decentralized might of their shoppers and purchase data. Brands which join the Shopin Federation enjoy unique advantages of the Shopin technology platform-visual artificial intelligence, ML, protections of blockchain, and deep learning to co-create unique, next-generation cornerstones powering a renaissance for the retail industry.

In 2019, Shopin launched its first patent-protected products: ShopScoreTM and the Retail Intelligence Data EngineTM (R.I.D.E.TM), which acquire and reverse engineer the purchase data of major retailers from their websites, revealing and quantifying which brands and products influence the sales of all others. By the end of 2019, over $1TN of purchase data will be in ShopScore, with over 500MM connections between 300MM products, representing 98% of the US ecommerce market. Beyond insights, ShopScore reveals the recommended actions and prediction programattically and through business intelligence reports. ShopScoreTM and R.I.D.E.TM are live and in pilots with Fortune 500 retail brands.

Shopin was awarded “Retail Moonshot of the Year” by The Lead, and best ICO at the North American Bitcoin Conference and CoinAgenda. Shopin is dedicated to ensuring that timeless brands remain timeless through access to purchase data, artificial intelligence tools and blockchain technology.


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