Leading Australian Entrepreneur Globalizes eCommerce Marketing Agency

Expose Media Announces New North American HQ

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2019 / Following paramount success in Australia, Hugh Rees and Phil Winton (Co-Founders of results-driven agency, Expose Media) are pleased to announce the globalization of their company.

To learn more about Expose Media and the services that they offer, please visit https://expose.media/.

Rees, who is an award-winning Australian entrepreneur, and Winton are currently working with numerous eCommerce brands across North America, utilizing high-level digital marketing strategies to scale their businesses and hit revenue goals. Expose Media has already begun positioning itself as the go to performance marketing agency for brands looking to scale above 6 figures a month.

To understand what differentiates Expose Media from every other digital agency, it’s imperative to acknowledge Rees’ origins. Rees began his career as a software engineer, a numbers guy, but with the rise of digital marketing, he saw the necessity for analytically-minded problem solvers in the marketing industry. Because of his unique skill set, Rees possesses the ability to find trends in data that no other marketer or agency can, allowing him to break through the 6, 7 or 8 figure monthly revenue ceiling, more efficiently and with a larger return on investment than other agencies.

“I love helping people change their lives. It excites me to make brands money, and I mean serious money, The kind of money that allows people to make a difference to how they live and work,” said Rees.

In addition to their main headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, Expose Media also recently opened a new office in Austin, Texas, where they are currently hiring staff.

2019 has been a remarkably successful year for Rees and his Expose Media team. The agency has recently been nominated for the NORA best digital agency award; NORA is the retail association of Australia. Rees has also been nominated for young entrepreneur of the year, which he was also awarded in 2018. In addition to globalizing the company, opening the Austin office, and celebrating Rees being named a young entrepreneur of the year, Expose Media have made some pretty impressive strides. Not only are they a Google Partner, they have recently become a Facebook Preferred Marketing Consultant and Premium Agency Partner. It’s not hard to see why Expose Media already has so many brands employing their strategic marketing services.

Regardless of the size of their clients’ companies and where they are located, Rees said he and his team start by conducting deep-dive research into each client’s business and marketplace, in order to convert client goals into tangible results.

“We live in a world where people buy based on brand values over price point, so it’s important to build an omni-channel marketing strategy that communicates the right message to the right consumer on the right platform at the right time,” he said.

What’s Rees’ ultimate goal in globalizing his agency? He aims to continue working with eCommerce businesses, who have managed to gain success only to then plateau, and scale their success by implementing effective marketing techniques and dominating the digital market.

About Expose Media:

Expose Media does whatever it takes to help their clients’ companies reach the next level of success. They come fully equipped with the next-gen tools of digital, mobile, and relentless social communication. From websites and online campaigns that work to deliver tangible, monetary business results across Facebook, Twitter, and Google, they don’t just build business opportunities, they design and engineer them as well. For more information, please visit https://expose.media/.

Hugh Rees

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