Nexxus Rewards Has a Whole New Perspective on Customer Acquisition and Retention

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2019 / Getting and keeping new customers is the ongoing challenge of most merchants attempting to stay in business and increase profits over time.

20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% fail in year two, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years.

Advertising with upfront payments in hopes of later results has been the primary “Pay-and-Pray” model for getting new customers.

Loyalty marketing has proven to be very successful for all types of businesses by offering special rewards for customer patronage. But small businesses have made little progress beyond the “Buy 10 – Get 1 Free” punch cards.

Nexxus Rewards has a whole new approach to getting and keeping new customers, including many unique and innovative techniques not available anywhere else.


RISK-FREE & AFFORDABLE: Merchants pay nothing until after they make the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price. Merchants offer free shopping dollar percentages based on their profit margins.

ADDITIONAL REVENUE: Merchants can now make money on their customers after they leave their store. Merchants can refer their existing customers to Nexxus Rewards and earn money every time they shop at any Nexxus merchant. They even earn on their customers’ referred friends and families; and on those friends’ referred friends indefinitely, for a potentially lucrative second stream of income.

CRYPTO PAYMENTS: Merchants will be prepared for the inevitable future of cryptocurrency payments with the eventual ability to accept all the top cryptocurrencies with Nexxus Rewards.


SHARED REWARDS: Nexxus Rewards is a shared rewards program that lets shoppers collect and redeem free shopping dollars like cash from any Nexxus merchant.

REFERRAL REWARDS: Shoppers get free shopping dollars for referring others to Nexxus Rewards. Every time one of their personal referrals receives free shopping dollars, they get some too.

DYNAMIC REWARDS: As the Nexxus Rewards network grows locally, nationally, and globally, the value of the free shopping dollars can grow automatically. A shopper may have collected $50 in free shopping dollars that magically grows to $100 all by itself.


SOCIAL IMPACT: Nexxus Rewards is a community cooperative solution that benefits local charities with funding for their important social causes.

PERPETUAL FUNDING: Charity fundraising is no longer one-time events of carnivals, donation drives and candy sales, but continues automatically in the background forever from shoppers who never stop shopping.

LEVERAGED FUNDING: Charities can leverage the relationships of their general membership. They receive funding from the shopping transactions of their own members; and on their members’ referred friends and families; and on those friends’ referred friends indefinitely. This organically growing shopper network can expand to thousands of referral levels. Charities can earn money on their entire shopper network to infinity.


Nexxus Rewards has shifted the paradigm on how to get and keep new customers in an efficient, effective and socially beneficial way.

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