Shaking Baby Launched the Industrial Studio 2.0 to Empower the Real Industry for the County Economy

HANGZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / October 27, 2019 / On October 27th, at the “Shaking Baby Market Strategy Summit Forum”, Shaking Baby announced that the Industrial 2.0 Studio was officially started and launched its “Million” programs. The core is the cooperation advantage of relying on Shaking Baby and Tencent Live. Through stars, talents and shopkeeper KOC, it will benefit 100 cities and 1,000 counties in the country and will set up 10,000 industrial direct broadcasting rooms. Help the industry to promote the employment and the local economy. It is understood that the popular webcast in China is more about the promotion of merchandise plus shopping. Turning to the service industry will undoubtedly be revolutionary and will drive greater economic and ecological growth.

Creating value, wealth and respect for customers is the corporate mission of “Shaking Baby”. It hopes to empower individuals and their rural industries through continuous innovation, optimization and breakthroughs. As one of the beneficiaries, Chen Qian (pseudonym) is a veteran user who participated in this strategic summit forum.

Chen Qian, a 2-year-old child’s mother, said at the meeting that the age of 30 can be described as busyness and happiness due to her other identity – the owner of Shaking Baby. While taking care of the baby, Chen Qian uses her spare time on Shaking Baby platform to earn commissions by sharing and purchasing goods. At the beginning, she was attracted by the platform’s “0 requirement, 0 investment”. After experiencing the platform’s strong supply chain and excellent after-sales service, Chen Qian firmly believes in the development of the platform. In less than two years, Chen Qian has purchased a house in her town with worth over 500,000 yuan and one car worth over 100,000 yuan.

The community’s new retail business continues to be popular, and Shaking Baby makes personal free time possible.

Owners who are similar to Shaking Baby’s Chen Qian have reached more than 30 million. This is due to the sustained boom in new retail sales in the community. According to the data of the China Business Industry Research Institute, the sales volume of the new retail platform of the Chinese community exceeded 1.2 trillion yuan in 2018, and the market is expected to reach 206.58 billion yuan in 2019, up 63.2% year on year. Different from traditional e-commerce or retail businesses, using the Shaking Baby platform, shopkeeper can obtain commissions by sharing recommended high-quality goods, thus solving the problem of mothers, part-time workers, freelancers, etc. and cashing in their personal leisure time through sharing, and making sharing and recommendation into real value.

According to the Chinese official data, China’s population has reached 15.23 million in 2018, and the number of new mothers have increased by tens of millions each year. Becoming the shopkeepers of Shaking Baby will make the lives of these people more meaningful as well as promote employment and stimulate domestic demand.

KOC earns millions of dollars each year, and platforms such as Shaking Baby are favored by the public.

On the platform, Chen Qian is the owner of Shaking Baby and one member of KOC. They gain popularity through Shaking Baby and WeChat fans support, then do their business through the relationships and sell high-quality, low-priced products to fans.

In the construction of China’s digital economy, Shaking Baby will continue to transform the digitalization in the social scene, promote upgrades of enterprise and consumption, and quality of life driven by big data. The problems of quality control and sales mode in the industry can be solved by promoting the establishment of industry standards and the optimization of credit system.

At present, there are 50 million users in Shaking Baby, and their daily sales exceeded 10 million yuan. In 2018, Tmall’s November 11 Festival turnover exceeded 100 million yuan. Its popularity has enabled more than 10,000 brands to reach millions of normal sales in one day. The high-quality supply chain, after-sales system and innovative Shaking Baby model have also won the favor of many domestic first-class capital institutions. In just over a year, five rounds of financing have been completed with the amount of nearly 2 billion yuan, which makes it the fastest financing platform in the industry.

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