Handling Less Than Impressed Customers – A Short Guide By Rick Rahim

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2019 / Running a successful company like Businessventures.com means having to communicate and do business with thousands of clients each day. “An unhappy customer, especially in the online technological age, can quickly get out of control if handled improperly,” acording to Rick Rahim. Rick is the President of BusinessVentures.com, a privately owned company with revenue in excess of $30 millon per year.

You’ve worked hard on your business, says Rahim, which means you often have very happy customers. But Rick says it’s best to try and mend those relationships that get a little broken.

Here are a few tips Rick Rahim has compiled to help you in these situations.

If a customer leaves a bad review on your social media. Rahim suggests that you never leave a review unanswered. “Never tell a customer they are wrong or respond with any kind of harsh feedback,” says Rick. “Even if the harshness started from them.” If need be, says Rahim, walk away from your computer for a few hours and come back when you’ve got an open mind and a smart idea of what you want to say.

If a customer is upset in your store. It’s hard to believe, but there’s still quite a bit of business that happens in brick-and-mortar, says Rick. “Just because your customers can’t reach millions in minutes doesn’t mean responding to them promptly shouldn’t be equally as important.” According to Rahim, “Never call them out for anything and don’t force them to pay for something they did not enjoy, even food they’ve eaten.” If a customer gets too upset, says Rahim, kindly ask them to leave and come back when they can more easily discuss how to rectify their unhappiness. Rick says you should always let them know you’d like to be helpful.

Rick Rahim is a helicopter and airplane pilot


*Rick Rahim is an accomplished airplane and helicopter pilot, who has even had viral success when he pulled his son’s baby tooth out with his helicopter. In addition to be a lifelong entrepreneur, Rick is also a successful children’s book author, having published “Way Up High In The Big Blue Sky.”

Rick is a certified scuba diver, private investor, and adventurer. Rick has also dabbled in television, such as in this clip broadcasting on Fox & Friends.

Rahim says the majority of the world is excited to see your business succeed and doesn’t want to be the reason you fail. Rick says “They won’t actually go out of their way to do so.” Rahim suggests asking your unhappy customers how you can make them happy and solve the issue at hand. Customer relationships are very important to your business, more so than the product or service you are selling, says Rahim. It’s important to ensure you have a process in place, and that your employees know how to handle these situations.

If you’ve got an interesting review and don’t know how to handle it, always ask someone you trust – a third eye can always be a more reasonable one – especially if that person isn’t directly and financially tied into your business. “If you seek to put employee happiness above the profitability of your business, you may notice that your business will actually begin doing better than ever before,” says Rahim.

If you’d like to find out more about how Rick Rahim can help your business, you can contact BusinessVentures.com at 703-757-8500.

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