RRMine Expressed Its Ambition to Be the Largest Cloud Hashrate Platform

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 4, 2019 / From October 26 to 31,2019(PST),a series of activities was organized in the framework of the Vegas Blockchain Week and World Crypto Conference 2019 (WCC 2019) hosted in Las Vegas, USA. RRMine North America team was among the participants of these important events and had an opportunity to present its platform and share its views on the state of the mining industry in a public speech and a number of interviews.

RRMine’s Vision

Yung Cheng Tsou, RRMine Global CEO, said that their goal and key ambition is to “simplify Bitcoin gaining, making RRMine the largest cloud hashrate platform”.

Making a public speech “Hashpower Assetization – Long Bitcoin Long The World” at WCC MINE 2019, Mr. Tsou said:”RRMine is always looking to the long term, it based on individual users and driven by user value.”

Over the past 3 years, despite the market situation, RRMine has always been striving to do its best and has never shut down any mining rigs. Moreover, it has never changed the contract price.

Technological innovation brings about new opportunities. Cloud hashpower ensures the possibility for everyone to participate in mining. It greatly reduces the cost of individual mining.

However, now RRMine is planning to take up a bigger share in the traditional asset world as its a broader market. But most of the participants of these markets are risk-averse investors. But to meet the high demands of traditional industries’ customers is a much more challenging task. To find a way to relive users concerns of high risk should be the breakthrough for cloud mining companies.

RRMine created a bridge to connect the traditional world and crypto world with its innovative technologies, unique business model and sophisticated operations.

Further Development

In the framework of WCC, Mr. Tsou and Benjamin Li, the General manager of North America hash power ops gave an interview to explain their position on RRMine business development, competitive advantages, strong hash rate and other issues.

Yung Cheng Tsou said that RRMine is a global distributed Bitcoin hash rate asset management platform owned by SuperB Grace Limited. “Its working to free flow hash power asset. Now RRMine has built up China, Japan, US, Europe business branches. It performs very well by its multinational operation edges”, added he.

Being a structural and technical expert based on the United States for many years, Benjamin Li could clearly explain the relationship between the global distribution of cooperative mining farmshash power and the supply and flow of RRMine platform. At the same time, he also analyzed the technical requirements of the current North American hasр power construction.

The team explained that practically everyone can buy a contract from them to start mining and to start faining profits practically immediately as RRMine has al the necessary facilities and infrastructure to ensure it. And even if a user takes a decision to stop mining, it won’t be a problem to sell the contract to somebody else, which means that the investments made into the contract will be returned.

With its high-performance construction technology, environmental protection, hydropower and energy technology. RRMine cooperated with mining farms in Oregon, U.S. and has been included in the list of”The Worlds Top 10 Mining Farms” at the world digital mining summit 2019II in Frankfurt, Germany.

The company is developing with remarkable speed. And it is expected to access a cleaner energy hash power by renewables penetration to RRMine platform.

Watch interview :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qontj3Zz_jk


Company: Hong Kong Superb Grace
Contact: Richard Meng
Email: pr@rrmine.com
Web: www.rrmine.com


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