Leading A.I. Analyst Tom Austin, Gartner Alumnus, Joining Planisware Webinars on A.I. in Project, Product & Portfolio Management

Planisware Enterprise’s A.I. innovations together make giant step forward for PPM software

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a move to promote the use of artificial intelligence in project portfolio management (PPM), Planisware is hosting a pair of AI webinars. A March 5 session will feature the forecasts and insight of Tom Austin, Gartner alumnus and Analyst Syndicate co-founder, and will be followed April 2 by a live demonstration of Planisware’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

In the March 5th webinar, Mr. Austin will present “Natural Intelligence About AI,” focusing on what companies are really doing in AI, and what it means for today’s PPM practitioners and other enterprise management. Q&A will follow. Mr. Austin is the former head of Gartner Research and its Maverick program, and helped launch Gartner’s AI research area, authoring research on such topics as how fusing AI with the Internet of Things will spark new kinds of digital value. With The Analyst Syndicate, he has warned of a 1-in-3 chance of a new “AI Winter,” and urged leaders not to confuse AI with actual intelligence.

Acknowledged as a market leader by Gartner, Planisware in 2019 launched the first AI-enabled PPM solution, bundling a range of smart features into Planisware Enterprise – the first PPM solution to offer a comprehensive range of AI features, with support for:

  • Statistical Learning from historical data

    • More accurate cost, quality and schedule forecasts
  • SmartBot emulating human interactions

    • Natural Language querying
  • Smart Excel data management with ActiveTab

    • Automatically map profusion of spreadsheets to structured data model
  • And more in development, including Smart Risk Detection, and Microsoft Teams & Slack integration

Using artificial intelligence to help manage product and project portfolios will give leaders a big boost in both efficiency and effectiveness,” said Antoine Villata, Planisware North America CEO. “With the growing synergies among Planisware Enterprise’s AI features, executives can plan and control portfolios better than ever, and in ways that previously were too onerous or simply impossible.”

Planisware’s got advanced AI practitioners, including PhDs, both in our product development and in executive leadership, leading the way toward intelligent PPM,” added Matt Light, Gartner alumnus and Planisware VP for Strategy & Corporate Development. “Having reached a critical mass of AI capability, we’re delighted to offer a free demo of AI-augmented PPM in our upcoming webinar – and more, to offer the insights of Tom Austin, one of the leading advocates of creative uses of AI.”

TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINARS: Please visit www.planisware.com/ai-webinar-series

Planisware is a leading global provider of product and project portfolio management software solutions with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide across a variety of major industries, including consumer packaged goods, IT, engineering, automotive, aerospace and defense, high-tech, chemical manufacturing, life sciences, and energy. For more information about Planisware, please visit www.planisware.com or call 888-752-6479.


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