Atlantis and core developer alliances such as Bitcoin and Monero form ATIS development fund

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2020 / The ATIS cross-chain ecosystem is about to usher in exciting moments. Together with the core development team of Bitcoin and Monero, the ATIS 100 billion development fund will be established. This fund will be used for the development and application development of the entire ATIS ecological scene. It will build a complete ATIS ecosystem. Every core element of ATIS aims to solve the bottleneck of blockchain development. Million-level TPS and cross-chain technology have solved the conversion and confirmation speed of digital assets, the security of digital assets, the availability and interoperability of digital assets and letting the blockchain technology be used by the banking and financial industries, laying a solid foundation for the commercial application of the blockchain.

Open ecosystem co-construction vs. closed and tedious system construction. Fintech startups often take months or even years to obtain a license. The early stages of setting up a company and launching the first product will cost a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and time costs. The complexity of financial supervision and centralized control has made many of these companies die early before they have the opportunity to enter the market, which is a huge social loss. ATIS’s open public chain ecosystem will defeat closed networks controlled by traditional financial regulation. The ATIS ecosystem provides an ecosystem of high-quality services for startup teams and businesses.

Any individual or enterprise can customize the parameters of the underlying blockchain technology of the ATIS ecosystem, multi-language APIs, and multiple consensus mechanisms, support users to issue coins with one click, and develop multi-functional toolkits with lightning speed. This has a globally accessible and reliable Financial applications.

Looking at the birth and ecological layout of the ATIS ecosystem, it is precisely to add purification and filtering functions to the development of the blockchain industry, to provide entrepreneurs with advanced technology platforms, and to create a safe and stable investment environment for investors. On the ATIS public chain, the tokens issued by any team or entrepreneur must follow the basic rules, protocols, and smart contracts. Investors using ATIS for financing can enjoy the benefits of token value appreciation while enjoying application services. To bridge the identity gap between users and investors. The new model and new concept created by ATIS will bring new impact to the blockchain industry.

At present, the most representative Bitcoin and Monero core development teams of the blockchain and ATIS jointly set up the ATIS Development Fund. You can feel the current technological strength and future development potential of ATIS, and ATIS is not just a blockchain system In the future, it will become a digital currency that affects the world’s financial system like Bitcoin, allowing countless people to obtain a steady stream of wealth appreciation at ATIS, achieving countless participants in the belief blockchain, and ultimately forming a self-circulating civilization. The cornerstone once again affects the global technology and financial development pattern.

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