Meet Vladislav Aminov: The Genius Behind New York City’s Most Iconic Jewelry Shop

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2020 / There are few people as motivational and hard working as Vladislav Aminov.

This immigrant entrepreneur, better known as Vladdy, is the example of what hard work and trying to achieve the American Dream looks like.

The jewelry artist and owner of Vladdy’s Diamonds boutique shared with us his love and passion for jewelry, and how this led to the creation of one of New York City’s most famous jewelry shops.

Vladdy believes in the craftsmanship that goes behind every piece he puts out. He custom-makes all of his jewelry as well as handpicks every local and international piece of jewelry that he offers in his New York boutique, Vladdy’s Diamonds. He has served some of the hottest faces of the moment, and is responsible for creating some of the most iconic jewelry pieces of our time.

“Vladdy’s Diamonds boutique opened in 1998, and has focused on giving the best service possible to their loyal customers. The business is oriented towards family values and community,” Vladdy said. “I wanted the focus to be on the relationship first.”

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 33 percent of small businesses make it past 10 years, but for Vladdy’s Diamonds, business has only gone up.

Stories like that of Vladdy’s are not easy to come by. About 90 percent of the specialty jewelers in the U.S. generate less than $2.5 million in annual sales, and most only operate one or two stores, according to the International Diamond Exchange.

Vladdy believes that the key to having a long lasting, successful business has been his expertise and focus on customer satisfaction.

“You’re becoming a part of the fabric of the relationship. In addition, you get to have fun and meet amazing people, which makes it easier to fall in love with the industry,” he said.

Vladdy has 130 thousand followers on Instagram as well as a loyal following of A-list celebrities, including: Hip Hop Artists such as Jada Kiss and Dream Doll, and Baseball Player Amed Rosario.

If we’ve learned something, it is this: Vladdy’s Diamonds boutique has earned its place in the world of jewelry. With Vladdy’s expert eye for jewelry and his amazing craftsmanship, it is no secret why he is the preferred jeweler for our favorite stars.

To visit Vladdy’s official instagram account, click here.


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