Mickey Lacoste: From Musician and Influencer to Successful Clothing Brand Founder

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 21, 2020 / When Mickey Lacoste became a hit on the social media application, Vine, one would automatically think he would most likely just stick to being an influencer and a musician. After all, he could already make a living out of endorsements and special promotional projects as an influencer. The visionary influencer, however, had more in mind than just building his personal brand.

After becoming famous on social media when he moved to LA, Lacoste started doing collaborations with fellow influencers and rising artists. Seeing the potential of his newfound network of friends and fellow artists, he developed an application company that developed games for clients such as the famous rapper, record producer, and actor Soulja Boy. This business venture made Lacoste hundreds of thousands in revenue.

Lacoste did not stop at creating games for other influencers and artists. In August 2017, he launched his own clothing line called Section 8. As he is very passionate about buying new clothes whenever he gets the chance, he knew that he could do business out of providing his friends and potential clients with comfortable and stylish streetwear that they could wear on a day-to-day basis. His connections with his friends, such as Tripe Red and Lil Pump, were instrumental in growing Section 8 to be the worldwide brand that it is now.

The hoodie brand that Lacoste launched through Section 8 was one of the first to go viral some years back.

“Ever since I can remember, I always had a passion for doing my own thing. I never listened to anyone or liked working for anyone else and would end up getting fired because I didn’t like the job. I was just doing it for money and eventually I just got tired and finally worked on music and clothing,” Lacoste explains.

As far back as he can remember, there was no particular person or event in his life that motivated him to establish Section 8. The only thing he admits to is not being happy when he works for someone else and not having his own schedule. By being his own boss, he realized that he had more creative freedom, the liberty to choose who he could work with, and the sole responsibility of choosing the designs he wanted to put out in the world.

There is no special recipe for success that enabled Lacoste to get to where he is now as an entrepreneur, musician, and influencer. He believes that anybody can achieve the same degree of success by simply using a lot of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and creativity. His journey to success was not without any challenges as he admits to having experienced money issues and bad business partners. Fortunately, everything just fell into place when he decided to cut ties with the people he could no longer trust.

Aside from coming up with new ways to grow Section 8, Mickey Lacoste is also dreaming of getting a bigger warehouse that he will convert into a “fantasy factory” where people can come to play basketball or ride go-carts. The ultimate goal of his new project will be to offer fun to clients.

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