10 Qualities All Great Managers Have

Most people will have had the experience of a good manager and a bad manager, and the difference between them can be striking. Management is about much more than business skills and telling people what to do. A truly great manager can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the business, but also to the morale and efficiency of the team they manage. Below are some of the most important qualities that the best managers embody.


Honesty is paramount in any workplace. Keep employees in the loop about the workings of the business, both good and bad. If you are honest and realistic, you will find that people will work hard to do what is best for the company – keeping things from them will make them believe that you don’t trust them and that will be reflected in their work.


Remember that employees are human; being understanding, sensitive and having a sense of humor will go a long way. These skills, and the others listed here can be honed by completing the Merrimack College MSM degree online.


Communicating with your team is vital if you want them to work well. Face-to-face contact makes them feel appreciated, and you should concentrate on your listening as well as speaking skills. Knowing how to be assertive yet respectful will go a long way.


Managers should be part of the team for optimum efficiency. Leading by example, collaborating, and building mutual trust within your team are important for team morale. Be encouraging and motivational instead of micromanaging to build employee confidence.


Be consistent, reliable and supportive to build employee trust. Respecting confidentiality shows employees that you care, making them more likely to be open with work matters.


Admitting mistakes and addressing problems is difficult but important, as is being able to make decisions effectively. Having an analytical mind is a huge asset to managers.


Don’t only speak to employees when they have made a mistake – recognize hard work and achievements and offer rewards. Focus on the different strengths of individuals.


Adaptability and resilience are essential in the workplace. Innovation is important in moving the business forward, so it is crucial to be open to new ideas and able to change plans or approaches if necessary, and to be able to handle the pressure of doing so.

Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, there will be times when a manager needs to step in to resolve conflicts. Being aware of potential issues and confronting them before they escalate is a good skill, as is the courage to approach issues instead of avoiding them.


Knowing the company well will allow you to do your job to your best ability. Ensure you know how the business is run throughout and keep up to date with changes and additions.

It is important to remember that managers do not just manage the workload, but also other employees. These people are not just workers, but human beings, and you will find that the workplace is a much happier and productive one if they are managed well.

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