\ Spinbackup - Bringing Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Cybersecurity to G Suite Users
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Spinbackup - Bringing Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Cybersecurity to G Suite Users

By Dmitry Dontsov, CEO of Spinbackup

Dmitry Dontsov
On December 15, Yahoo, already reeling from their September disclosure that 500 million user accounts had been hacked in 2014, disclosed that a different attack in 2013 compromised more than one billion accounts. The two attacks are the largest known security breaches of a company's computer network.

Yahoo's so-called "Exxon Valdez of computer hacks" was preceded by Google's own "Gooligan" malware breach - the biggest-ever hacker score of Google user tokens. While Gooligan ultimately proved to be a fraudulent money making scheme, the implications for data security were huge, since the evil-doers could have used the tokens to steal or expose sensitive data from thousands of companies using G Suite applications.

These events are proof that even the biggest internet companies in the world are not immune to data leaks and thefts. In fact, many industry experts believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg, with other major players expected to come under increasing attack in 2017, as they aggregate increasing volumes of data. Hackers strategically target these "big kills," knowing they can get the highest pay-off and do the most harm.

Even if a cloud service provider could promise 100% data security, business cloud users face an evolving threat landscape on their own side, that could still hurt the integrity of their cloud-based data and apps. At most companies, the "insider threat" is significant and growing. Traditionally, this term invokes images of malicious employees lurking in the shadows of an office attempting to steal company secrets or bring down the system. The reality is that this type activity is infrequent at most companies, the real threat and biggest risk to confidential data is an unwitting employee who means no harm at all.

There are countless instances where, for example, an employee innocently downloads a third-party app, not realizing that this app (which connects directly to SaaS-based applications) is backed by a suspicious party looking to compromise company data. Or, consider BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - an employee may move sensitive data from a G Suite application to their iPad in order to work at home, not realizing the huge risk they're creating if their device gets lost or stolen, falling into the wrong hands. 

All of this may seem impossible to manage, but fortunately, new solutions are available to help. Spinbackup, a leader in cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity, has just announced a newly enhanced solution called Cloud Cybersecurity for G Suite Version 1.0. This solution extends Spinbackup's existing cloud cybersecurity capabilities, including automated daily security scans of third-party applications that have access to G Suite in order to identify all major risks; user audits (insider threat detection) to ensure 24/7 detection of abnormal user behavior and help proactively identify potential data thefts and leaks; and security alerts via integration with Gmail and Slack, so administrators can be notified quickly and efficiently about security threats.

New features added include third-party application audits and security scoring systems; blacklisting and automated removal of applications identified as risky; data audits (detects data shared with external third-parties); and blacklisting for shared data (automatic removal of data that may have been shared with a non-corporate email address.)

Also, cloud users are realizing that in addition to security, backup for mission-critical data and apps is an equally indispensable aspect of business protection. Just because apps are being run in the cloud, it does not mean they are insusceptible to unplanned downtime. As an example, starting on January 18, some Office 365 users were painfully separated from their cloud-based email accounts for as much as over a week in some user segments. Microsoft later confirmed that while not all Office 365 users suffered downtime, those affected had a large number of users.

Against this backdrop, for the first time, Spinbackup is making Cloud Cybersecurity for G Suite available as part of Spinbackup's Backup & Cybersecurity package, which supports automated, encrypted daily backup to Amazon cloud storage. This combined solution is ideal for organizations looking to streamline resources and simplify the task of backing up and securing their G Suite data and applications.

"Today's organizations face many risks that threaten their mission-critical data, and ultimately their businesses - from unplanned cloud service provider outages, to ransomware, to BYOD and insider threats," says Dmitry Dontsov, CEO of Spinbackup. "It is critical for data to be both available and secure, and our cloud cybersecurity capabilities are a natural offshoot to our original core competency in cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery. Now, we can deliver the best of both worlds to G Suite users in one comprehensive, simplified offering."

In summary, cloud business users must always remember that while the cloud offers many benefits - and for the most part, excellent levels of security and reliability - this does not absolve them from assuming a big role in their own protection. New solutions like Spinbackup are enabling cloud users to realize the full benefits of working with the cloud combined with greater peace of mind, through a streamlined, resource-efficient, comprehensive solution.  
Dmitry Dontsov is CEO of Spinbackup

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