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Types of Cyber attacks and How to improve your Online security

by Anna Kucirkova


Despite the widespread use of the internet in the past two decades, the cyber attack appears as a new term that confuses many people. Many small businesses and individuals rely on antivirus software for all their cybersecurity needs. The problem with such software is that they are not foolproof.

When you want to combat cyber attacks, your business should employ the best practices and software to ensure that their data is secured. Companies should embrace comprehensive data security solutions as part of their strategy and not as an ordinary expense that they must incur. This article will define cyber attacks, the damages they can cause in your business and how you can prevent them.

What is a Cyber Attack?

A cybercrime or attack is a disruption, virtual attack or theft that is done from one or several computers. This type of online attack can be done on a personal web-enabled device or throughout the whole network. They take place in one of the two ways; disabling the target web-enabled device for nefarious purposes or
ransom or obtaining access to the device and stealing or manipulating data or virtual assets from it.

These techniques are enacted using many ways. Most people are familiar with the names of these
techniques because their buzzwords are typically used in the news. But most people do not understand the effects of a malware that is detected by their antivirus software.

Types of Cyber Attacks

There are different kinds of cyber attacks, each using various methods to achieve its desired
objectives. Here is a list of the most popular online attacks:

Malware- This is malicious file or software that is downloaded on a targeted computer. Depending on the function of this software, it can perform various tasks like stealing your credit card information or encrypting your whole computer to demand ransom.

Phishing Scams-This is an attempt to steal your private information using fake emails that almost appear like the official ones to trick users to enter their details. The hacker later uses the information provided to steal from you.

Middleman Attacks- This is the same as the phishing attacks, only that hackers here use a fake network instead of fake email to trick people to enter their sensitive information. Hackers here create a fake web service or Wi-Fi and trick people to sign in using a fake network unknowingly causing them to lose their sensitive information.

How to Enhance Your Cyber Security

While you may need to hire an IT consultant to help you improve your online business security, several best practices can minimize your risks to such attacks. Businesses should enact stringent measures to reduce the risk of exposure to cyber attacks.

Employees and individuals should maintain secure passwords and avoid storing such passwords in their online documents. In general, training your employees on the cyber security improvement is the best strategy your business can adopt. Embracing the best practices and great training are critical components of improving your
online security at all times.

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